Yes they have been around only since September 4, 1998 (date founded), but they have created services and accomplished credibility like no other (in my opinion).

There are two ways (acutually 3 ~ but I do not recommend the last one)  you can plug into this immense system.  The first would be to have a ‘regular’ google email account, the second to buy a domain via google (, and third but not as comprehensive is to use another account to access google products.  

The first is usually a good way to start.  Get a gmail account PERIOD.

Once you have done this, you can use this account to buy your domain and manage all other google services.  I like this, because it is YOURS and if you want an extra layer of safety you can always get all the services once you have the domain.  I like to run things directly through google.

If you have safety concern~ as the largest of internet services I believe they have more safety measures built in than any other.  Read here

If you have a business that you are starting, google will help you in the most amazing ways.  Still today you can create a basic web presence using their tools.  Let’s start with a description of your business or even a business plan.  You will find google docs has what you need.  And you will have it saved at all times and can access from all your devices.

Go either to your address bar and open a new tab (once you are signed into your gmail account or domain account, and put in ~ or look to the top right of your gmail account you will see 9 little squares click on those and “more” and you will see access to “drive” and to other services offered.  

Start by going into drive or docs and created your first one.  While you are at it learn to label things to they can be easily found later.

Just create a page for each part of your website i.e. home, contact, about, services, resources etc.  

You can also use google as your phone service either as a provider (this is new click here).  Or just as a phone number  (I have been using it FREE since it was launched in 2009).  The advantage is that you have voicemail and other ways of getting to your calls and it is all free.

Once you have your gmail account open put in and it will take you through the steps.